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Response Time - How Fast To Respond To Email, Texts And Calls?

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This is a very polite phrase. It means that the person speaking is going out of his or her way to tell you that they are available to speak with if you want to.

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Assuming you wish to be positive and you do not need additional information from them, I would suggest smiling and saying:. The phrase I suggest acknowledges that you understand what they said, that they made a polite gesture and that the offer is being politely accepted.

This still tells them that you understand what they said and that they are being politely acknowledged, but doesn't give as much of an expectation you will contact them as "Okay. I. Thank you.

Finally, there are a lot more ways to reply to this mr, but all of them involve acknowledging you understand what has been said politely. These phrases can include:.

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4 Ways to Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message - wikiHow

Asked 5 years ago. Active 5 years ago.

Viewed 14k times. When people say "feel free to contact me", I don't know how to answer.

How do you reply this? What do you want to answer? You don't have to answer.

You could say "Thanks", "ok, I'll do". But that depends on what you want to convey.

There could be a dozen way to answer. Primarily opinion based.

How do you say this in Japanese? feel free to text me anytime! | HiNative

I'll reply Sure! Assuming you wish dree be positive and you do not need additional information from them, I would suggest smiling and saying: Thank you very.

If you want a less committed answer perhaps you etxt not contact them you can say: These phrases can include: Anaksunaman Anaksunaman 2 2 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. Featured on Meta.

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