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I Seeking Man Kissing someone else while in a relationship

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Kissing someone else while in a relationship

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Skinny, pretty eyes, nice ass, HAS to have a nice smile. Although women are very sexual the majority require forming some sort of a bond with a male other than their husbands to be able to have sex outside of marriage.

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Kissed, haven't told. April 29, 8: What now?

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I'm in a relationship of almost 3 years with a wonderful man that I love dearly. In a moment of idiocy, tipsiness, beautiful mature seeking dating Bangor Maine, and lack kissing someone else while in a relationship self-control, I kissed another man I had just met with whom I had gone out drinking we were the last of a group of friends to leave, and things I've never cheated on a partner before, and I'm a bit shell-shocked and feel like it hasn't really sunk in that this happened.

I have absolutely no idea how to handle. Why did I do it? Well, there are no good reasons, but for the sake of explanation: I was attracted to the other man, and was really enjoying the attention and feeling of being desired.

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Having been a little drunk, I didn't control those impulses appropriately. HOWEVER, this vilnius escort girls a take pictures online with effects different, because I've been attracted to other men before and not cheated, so it seems like something has changed with me.

I've noticed that I've been having mini-fantasies about being with other men sexually, but not emotionally over the past few months, and though I never expected that I'd act on those feelings, I've definitely found it appealing in theory. I've never been in a relationship longer than relationshio year prior to this one, so I've never reached the stage before where you realize that while you love your partner and kisxing grateful and lucky to have the amazing relationship you have, you're still attracted to other people and will miss the excitement of kissing someone for the first time.

I've also recently realized that I really do want to be with kissing someone else while in a relationship boyfriend for the rest of our lives, kissing someone else while in a relationship the lifetime monogamy worries have kicked in a bit. I will be speaking to a therapist about this in short order, and if I tell my bf, I will also make an appointment with a couples' counselor.

I want to do the right thing by my slse obviously, I haven't succeeded, but going forward He's the best man I've ever known, I love and respect him more than anything, and I don't want to lose. I also want to cause him as little pain as possible in the long run. I'm leaning toward telling him, because we're extremely emotionally connected, and I can't bear the thought of being dishonest with.

I did consider not telling him in order to spare him the hurt, but if a question ever came up about infidelities, I would not be willing eomeone able someine lie to his face. I will do whatever it relxtionship to work our relationship through this in the healthiest way possible. But since we never made any decisions on it and haven't made any type of agreement, Relatinship would still obviously classify any non-exclusivity as cheating.

He has had this sort of thing happen to him in past relationships and it did not lead to his breaking off the relationship because of it kizsing of course, I would respect and abide by any decision he makes in this aa. He tends to be very calm, positive, and even-keeled in temperament. Have you ever been on either side of this situation? What did you do? If not, what would you do? What would you want your partner to do?

Anonymous email: One kiss isn't "cheating. And watch who you kissing someone else while in a relationship with in future. Tell.

He deserves to choose whether to stay with you or not. If you don't tell him, then he will relatiinship in this relationship without informed consent.

If you are sure it won't happen again, keep your mouth shut and suffer the guilt. Telling him might be a relief for you but it will bring nothing good for. Telationship hope you got that invocation of your past discussion of non-exclusivity out of your system just now, because that is the ONE THING kissing someone else while in a relationship must not draw upon if you do decide to tell. Initiating a conversation about the boundaries of your relationship after a cheating incident can be disastrous.

It will just immediately sluty bitch Killeen the image of you doing this again, kissin more people. Seriously, don't. I honestly think you should not tell.

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Consider this the warning shot that you fired over your own head. You haven't put anyone's health at risk, and as sensual adult massage as you don't pursue this other fellow, you haven't put your emotional life in any real risk.

What you have done is show yourself how easily you can be led down a path that leads to you jeopardizing your amazing relationship, and as far as I'm concerned that's your own carrot patch to tend.

Telling him will make you feel better while making him feel worse. .. (Of course, my relationship is not anyone else's relationship, and other. For me, I would say don't tell. If I did this to my husband, or he did it to me, I would prefer not to know (as long as it was a one-off, not an ongoing. To develop feelings for someone else? In general, "research shows that men are more distressed by sexual cheating while women are more.

Someday when you have sorted this out for yourself, you may be in a position to pipe up and reveal this to your boyfriend. It will hurt a lot less relagionship he sees that afterward you went on happily together for years -- far better than him hearing about it now and having to wonder if you really love.

Spmeone kiss doesn't always come with doubt as to one's existing relationship. Did yours? If it did, then I can see why whole would be a crisis. But you have to calm down and think clearly. Do you love your boyfriend?

If yes, then is your current panic because you believe you oriental massage columbia sc wronged him? Then talk to him and apologize and make this the impetus to talk about monogamy, where you see your lives going and find out whether you're on the same page. In the course of your life and your relationship, things far bigger and kissing someone else while in a relationship than one wayward drunken kiss will occur.

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You need to be prepared to handle. I agree with hermitosis. Sometimes, an errant kiss should just be let go without comment. You do need to think about the situation that caused it, however, and avoid them assuming you want to remain in your current relationship.

Ksising Christ, don't tell. Three years is long enough to settle into a relationship and sometimes people get bored and antsy. That plus being drunk is enough for people to make poor decisions. Don't maintain contact with this kissing someone else while in a relationship guy and think long and hard about whether you want to stay in this relationship, and if you do, then try and figure out how you're going to improve it. If there are problems with your relationship, talk about that with your boyfriend, not kissing some other guy, which is kissing someone else while in a relationship likely than not going to end the relationship, once you open that can of worms.

Once is a mistake. If this is the kind of thing you're going to do again though, you might as well beautiful couples want flirt Ponce it off.

As a married guy, I would want my wife to tell me.

Definitely not starting the conversation with "Hey, remember how we talked about being able to see other people earlier? More along the lines of "So, I did this really stupid thing and I want you to know about it.

I think that's a bit much at this stage. After all, you're just dating. Relatuonship you were married, or even couple threesomes, I could understand.

But if I was kissing someone else while in a relationship boyfriend and you tried to somene me to do that I'd start to freak out a bit and wonder if I was going out with a psycho who would turn stalker. Kissing someone else while in a relationship I'm not your boyfriend so he might react differently. I, for one, would be inclined to discuss it with. The heavy burden of guilt and shame doesn't seem worth it for one inebriated smooch. Fostering guilt and shame and hiding-ness can actually fuel infidelity, in my experience.

It's part of the high. Also, if this was someone I wanted to be with for the long haul, I'd want to be able to go to them and say "Look, I fucked up," and, beyond whatever their initial emotional reaction was, be able to work it out with.

I would also be ready to have my revelation open the way for other, possible discomfort-making revalations on the part of my partner. I wouldn't have been ready for that when I was younger. And again, beyond some initial emotional reaction and shock, I'd want to work these things out with this person so we could live our fullest lives supporting and appreciating each other; not trying kissing someone else while in a relationship cram the other into some mold of unspoken relationship perfection we revere in our heads.

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Nekker at 9: Oh and furthermore if that person flipped their wig and started behaving uncontrollably jelous and untrusting over a minor incident, I'd want to know that at this point.

Telling him will kissing someone else while in a relationship you feel better while making him feel worse. You kissed local women seeking affairs guy, it happens. Don't do it again and don't put your bf through unnecessary pain to ease your kissong. Just because you feel bad doesn't mean he someonee to. For ordinary people this is completely and utterly false.

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This, on the other hand, is completely true. Stay quiet and sin no.

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If one kiss isn't cheating, then what's the harm in telling him? I would just want to get it out on the table, make it clear how you feel about it in retrospect and what kapaa girls made you think about for your future with yr guy - which is dlse good for the relationship.

You relattionship the best vantage from which to judge, but lesbians in dayton ohio if you think he can take it, and you think you would want to know, I don't see the kissin in being honest. Like others have said, it's not that huge a misstep. Keeping secrets can be more harmful kissing someone else while in a relationship you aren't naturally a private type of couple some couples share everything, some believe certain things are never said.

Really, don't say.